College of Science Dean’s Commendation for Excellence in Education (Team)


This award recognises and values educators who have had extensive and significant impact on the quality of learning and teaching in the College of Science.

Alex and his team ran the BIOL3142 course in semester 1, 2020. They did a wonderful job at making sure students were supported when lockdown occurred, consistently listening to student feedback and adjusting the online labs and quizzes accordingly. It was always clear what was expected of students and the teaching team did a fantastic job of supporting each student that needed the help. Allowing students to experience and become part of Giel’s research into toxoplasma gondii was incredibly exciting and gave students an insight into what research was like, including all the uncertainties that came with it! These insights are often afforded to few, and the teaching team managed to allow the whole course to experience it. The research-based learning was a wonderful approach. Overall, what stood out the most was that the team had an incredible passion, which truly shined through and inspired the class. They were able to bring their own experiences in field work in a manner that was valuable and make learning about parasites a little less gross and a little more fun!

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