von Caemmerer Group - CO2 fixation and water loss of leaves

the von Caemmerer Group in 2021

We are investigating aspects of carbon acquisition by plants including the biochemistry of CO2 fixation and regulation of CO2 diffusion into and within leaves.

We are members of two international research consortia:  RIPE (Routes to Improving Photosynthetic Efficiency), an international collaboration which is aiming to improve C3 photosynthesis (https://ripe.illinois.edu/) and the C4 rice consortium which is attempting to transfer the CO2 assimilation apparatus of high yielding crops such as maize into rice (https://c4rice.com/)

Current research topics include:

  • Understanding the biochemical regulation of C3 and C4 photosynthesis
  • Studies on how to enhance C3 and C4 photosynthesis through molecular engineering
  • Understanding CO2 diffusion inside leaves.
  • Physiological and molecular regulation of stomatal movement.
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Selected publications

  • Danila F, ThakurV, ChatterjeeJ, BalaS, CoeRA, AcebronK, FurbankRT, von Caemmerer S, QuickWP(2021) Bundle sheath suberisation is required for C4 photosynthesis in a Setaria viridis mutant. Nature communications 4(1) 1-10.

    Clark, V, Danila F, von Caemmerer, S (2021)     CO2 diffusion in tobacco: a link between mesophyll conductance and leaf anatomy. Interface focus 11 (2), 20200040.

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    von Caemmerer, S, (2020) Invited review: Rubisco carboxylase/oxygenase: from the enzyme to the globe, a gas exchange perspective. Journal of Plant Physiology, 153240

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    von Caemmerer, S, Furbank, RT (2016) Strategies for improving C4 photosynthesis, Current Opinion in Plant Biology 31, 125-134.

    Barbour MM, EvansJR, Simonin KA and von Caemmerer S (2016) On-line CO2 and H2O oxygen isotope fractionation allows estimation of mesophyll conductance in C4 plants, and reveals that mesophyll conductance decreases as leaves age in both C4 and C3 plants. New Phytologist 210 (3), 875-889.

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  • von Caemmerer, S, Quick WP, Furbank RT (2012) The Development of C4 Rice: Current Progress and Future Challenges. Science 336, 1671-1672. Abstract | Reprint | Full text
  • Tazoe Y, von Caemmerer S, Estavillo GM, Evans JR (2011) Using tunable diode laser spectroscopy to measure carbon isotope discrimination and mesophyll conductance to CO2 diffusion dynamically at different CO2 concentrations. . Plant Cell & Environment (in press 1 Nov 2010).
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