Pogson Group - Chloroplast to nuclear signalling: light, drought and carotenoids

The overarching theme of our research is to determine the controls and regulators of communication between the chloroplast and nucleus. This includes discovery of genes and metabolites involved in epigenetics, RNA metabolism, chloroplast-nuclear signaling, translational regulation, carotenoid biosynthesis, photosynthesis and drought.

The Pogson Group plays a key role in the Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship funded project aiming to produce transformative solutions targeting crop resilience and food security. The chloroplast, the site of photosynthesis, regulates a suite of cellular processes that control photosynthesis, growth and drought resilience. It is expected that a first ever blueprint of the suite of communication networks used by the chloroplast will be discovered. I will use synthetic biology to rewire the network in order to generate 'smart plants' that are higher-yielding and more resilient in both good and bad seasons by precisely switching on and off resilience. Such re-imaginings of crop systems, inclusive of societal implications, will help chart the future of Australian agriculture.

The ARC Training Centre for Accelerated Future Crop Development if offering bespoke training for 20+ PhD students across The Australian National University and The University of Adelaide connecting students with industry partners offering unique project and career opportunities. The Centre is create a new generation of leaders in the implementation of advanced gene and field technologies for the benefit of the Australian agriculture industry. We are building a workforce and foundations that will drive translation of breakthroughs in advanced breeding, phenotyping and genetic technologies into higher-yielding crops. This will increase productivity across the sector and create new markets. Our technical training programs for graduates, trainees and industry will interface with best evidence-based practices in the wider socio-economic, regulatory and environmental contexts. Coupled with community and stakeholder engagement, the Centre will redefine and secure Australia’s future in agriculture.

Current grants

  • ARC Laureate Fellowship 2019 Smart Plants and Solutions for Enhancing Crop Resilience and Yield (FL190100056) 2020-2025
  • ARC Training Centre for Accelerated Future Crop Development 2021 (IC210100047). 2022- 2027.
  • ARC Discovery Project 2022 Regulators of protein translation reveal new pathways to plant productivity (DP220103640) 2022-2024

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2011- 2014 publications, 56 publications since 2008 (see complete list)


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Selected earlier publications

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PS Seminar Series - Stress dependent mRNA usage, a genome uncoupled acclimation mechanism?

Event | Wed 16 June 2021
Stress dependent usage of specific mRNAs is a common process in post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression.

PS Seminar Series: Organelles as sensors and mediators of plant cell acclimation to environmental stimuli

Event | Wed 2 June 2021
Plant energy organelles such as chloroplasts are central to the evolution and function of plants; indeed it can be argued that chloroplasts are the raison d’ȇtre for plants.

PS Webinar Series: Improvement of barley traits by targeted genome modification

Event | Wed 9 September 2020
The emergence and implementation of Cas endonuclease technology has undoubtedly taken plant research and biotechnology to a higher level.

PS Seminar Series: Complexity in simple leaf development

Event | Fri 22 June 2018

Abstract - Leaves are the main photosynthetic organs of plants and as such are essential components in the function and p

PS Seminar Series (LEAPS Edition): Decoding Apocarotenoid Signal 1’s (ACS1) regulation of floral development

Event | Fri 25 May 2018

Abstract - Through the evolution of plants, the carotenoid biosynthetic pathway underwent a multitude of alterations increasing it