Mikheyev Group - Evolutionary genomics

We are a new research group, interested in applying cutting-edge tools in genomics and bioinformatics to fundamental questions in evolutionary biology.

Check out our main lab site (joint with the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Ecology and Evolution Unit).

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Big brains bring change: Inside the social life of spiders

Story | Monday 28 November 2022
While most spiders are creatures of solitude, a study involving researchers from ANU has found some species have become more gregarious.  
Peiyu Yuan

Summer Research Scholar Peiyu Yuan asks "What happened to the Rocky Mountain locust?"

Story | Tuesday 7 May 2019
We may be in the middle of an insect mass extinction. The once abundant Rocky Mountain locust was last seen in 1902. Under the Mikheyev Group, Peiyu Yuan used data from a related extant locust species and comparative genomics to identify artifacts in museum data of the Rocky Mountain locust.

Sasha Mikheyev

Story | Thursday 2 August 2018
Sasha Mikheyev's lab uses technological advances, largely in sequencing, to understand how organisms respond to biotic changes in their environments.

At the origin of a global invasion: the honey bee parasite Varroa that keeps on jumping

Event | Tue 26 February 2019

Varroa mites are ectoparasites infesting honeybee colonies and originally found only in Asia.