Farquhar Group - Coordination of CO2 fixation and transpiration in plants

Group research topics include:

  • Integration of photosynthesis and growth with nitrogen and water use of plants
  • Stomatal physiology
  • Isotopic composition of plants
  • Global change science.
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Selected publications

  • Genomic regions for canopy temperature and their genetic association with stomatal conductance and grain yield in wheat Rebetzke, Greg J.; Rattey, Allan R.; Farquhar, Graham D.; et al. Functional Plant Biology 40 Issue: 1 Pages: 14-33 Published: 2013
  • A controlled test of the dual-isotope approach for the interpretation of stable carbon and oxygen isotope ratio variation in tree rings Roden, John S.; Farquhar, Graham D. Tree Physiology 32 Issue: 4 Pages: 490-503 Published: APR 2012
  • Sun, Fubao; Roderick, Michael L.; Farquhar, Graham D. Changes in the variability of global land precipitation Geophysical Research Letters 39 Published: OCT 2 2012
  • Roderick, Michael L.; Farquhar, Graham D., GEOENGINEERING Hazy, cool and well fed? Nature Climate Change 2 Issue: 2 Pages: 76-77 Published: FEB 2012
  • Farquhar, Graham D.; Cernusak, Lucas A. Ternary effects on the gas exchange of isotopologues of carbon dioxide Plant Cell and Environment 35 Issue: 7 Pages: 1221-1231 Published: JUL 2012
  • Lim, Wee Ho; Roderick, Michael L.; Hobbins, Michael T.; et al. The aerodynamics of pan evaporation Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 152 Pages: 31-43 Published: JAN 15 2012
  • Roderick, Michael L.; Farquhar, Graham D. A simple framework for relating variations in runoff to variations in climatic conditions and catchment properties Water Resources Research 47 Published: JUN 21 2011
  • Roderick, Michael L.; Farquhar, Graham D. A simple framework for relating variations in runoff to variations in climatic conditions and catchment properties Water Resources Research 47 Published: JUN 21 2011
  • Sun, Fubao; Roderick, Michael L.; Lim, Wee Ho; et al.Hydroclimatic projections for the Murray-Darling Basin based on an ensemble derived from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change AR4 climate models Water Resources Research 47 Published: APR 1 2011
  • Zhou, Youping; Grice, Kliti; Chikaraishi, Yoshito; et al. Temperature effect on leaf water deuterium enrichment and isotopic fractionation during leaf lipid biosynthesis: Results from controlled growth of C-3 and C-4 land plants Phytochemistry 72 Issue: 2-3 Pages: 207-213 Published: FEB 2011.

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Recorded Seminar - Tony Passioura

PS Seminar Series: Translational Research in Agriculture. How Does It Work?

Event | Wed 21 September 2022
‘Translational research’ became an increasingly common term when it was realised that much agriculturally inspired basic research failed to contribute to the improvement of crops.

PS Webinar Series: Mathematical Modelling of Moisture Transport in Plant Cuticles

Event | Fri 26 March 2021
Food production needs to increase significantly and water loss from plants may hold one key, especially relevant in a time of climate change.

PS Webinar Series: PhD Exit Seminar - Dynamics of water and carbon dioxide gas-exchange through the adaxial and abaxial surfaces of leaves

Event | Fri 18 December 2020
Accurate estimation of gas exchange parameters has always been a fundamental aim of plant physiologists; from the more general assumptions and calculations presented by Moss and Rawlins (1963) up to the widely used model introduced by von Caemmerer and Farquhar (1981).

PS Webinar Series: Building a Bacterial CO2 Concentrating Mechanism

Event | Wed 12 August 2020
Many photosynthetic organisms employ a CO2 concentrating mechanism (CCM) to increase the rate of CO2 fixation via the Calvin cycle. CCMs catalyze ≈50% of global photosynthesis, yet it remains unclear which genes and proteins are necessary for a CCM to function.
Recorded seminar (Florian Busch)

PS Webinar Series: Photorespiration - Friend or foe?

Event | Wed 10 June 2020
Photorespiratory metabolism is essential for plants to maintain functional photosynthesis in an oxygen-containing environment. Because the oxygenation reaction of Rubisco is followed by the loss of previously fixed carbon, photorespiration is often considered a wasteful process and considerable efforts are aimed at min

PS Seminar Series -Isotopic Labeling-Based Metabolic Flux Analysis: From CO2 Assimilation to Storage Reserve Production in Plants

Event | Mon 18 November 2019
At the heart of plant productivity is the balance of carbon assimilation through photosynthetic activity. Though central metabolism is context specific and changes with conditions, we will present recent insights with isotopic tracers, metabolite measurements and metabolic flux analyses that describe the dynamics of central carbon metabolism resulting in altered balance between resource assimilation and allocation.