Sequeira Group - Statistical Modelling & Marine Megafauna Movement

Associate Professor Ana M. M. Sequeira, a marine ecologist based at the Australian National University, leads breakthrough research in the field of marine megafauna movement and conservation. She is a 2020 Pew Marine Fellow and the founder, Lead Coordinator and Research Director of MegaMove, a decadal project endorsed by the United Nations Decade for Ocean Science focused on pushing forward a new frontier in dynamic marine spatial management to improve marine megafauna conservation and show how big data in marine telemetry can be synthesised and translated into ecologically significant behaviours, addressing global scientific and societal problems highlighted in the Australian science and research priorities. Ana also continues to be an Adjunct Research Fellow with the University of Western Australia (UWA) Ocean’s Institute. She is the Group Leader of ‘Statistical Modelling and Marine Megafauna Conservation’.

Our dynamic group focuses on the development of innovative scientific analytical tools and application of well-established methods to address topical questions about marine conservation. Our research covers a range of topics, from predicting patterns of marine species occurrence and investigating marine megafauna movement, to the development of custom-made modelling tools to understand marine processes and assist sustainable development. We are particularly interested in providing information of relevance for marine conservation management. Check out our Sequeira Lab website and read more about our research projects here.

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E&E Special Seminar: Machine Learning-Based Species Classification in Marine Animal Trajectories

Event | Mon 22 January 2024
Oceans are environments where a diversity of human activities threaten marine life. To achieve effective conservation, it is crucial to comprehend the movement patterns of animals within these dynamic environments: how, when, where, and why they move.