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Lab awards and acheivements

  • Visual materials showing our work and an interview with Ryszard Maleszka were used by the German TV station Bayerischer Rundfunk BR Alpha in a TV documentary about epigenomics
  • Insect specimens and other lab materials are on display in the Science Museum in London as part of the exhibition “Who am I’ that illustrates the latest discoveries in epigenetics and genomics
  • Our report on the role of DNA methylation in honey bee caste differentiation (Science, 2008) has been recognised as a major breakthrough in epigenetics. It was listed by Nature as one of the research highlights of the year and reviewed by Faculty 1000 in the ‘must read’ category.
  • Paul Helliwell received the highest award for his bee-related products during Royal Canberra Show (2010)
  • A program based on the 2008 Science paper was broadcasted by the Japanese NHK Television Network as part of a documentary series ‘Science Zero'.

Media coverage

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Media coverage of papers published in 2006/2007

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