Lanfear Group - Mutation, molecular evolution and phylogenetics

Our work is motivated by the desire to understand molecular evolution, from the origin of mutations in individuals to their fixation in evolving lineages. To achieve this, we combine genome sequencing, phylogenetics, comparative methods, evolutionary theory, and bioinformatics.

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Rob Lanfear

Story | Thursday 29 September 2016

The thing I enjoy the most about teaching is that it makes learning new things a key part of my job.

Recorded EE Webinar - Suha Naser

E&E PhD Exit Webinar: Systematic bias in phylogenetic inference: Implications, Assessment, and Reduction

Event | Fri 17 December 2021
Phylogenetic inference is the process of reconstructing relationships between species from genomic sequence data. The reliability of phylogenetic analysis relies on the quality of the data and the fitness of the substitution models.
Courtney Jones Lanfear EE Seminar

E&E Joint Webinar: Some benefits of blue sky and open phylogenetics research for understanding SARS-CoV-2

Event | Thu 9 July 2020
Having spent much of the last 15 years trying to improve molecular phylogenetics, I had formed the fairly firm view that my research was very interesting (of course!!!) but rather useless in the short term.
Courtney Jones Lanfear EE Seminar

E&E Joint Webinar: Walking in Wallacea: Expanding the species inventory on Buton Island, Sulawesi

Event | Thu 9 July 2020
The central islands of Indonesia, between Java, Bali and Kalimantan (Borneo) on the west and Papua on the east - are a living laboratory for the study of evolution, known as the Wallacea region.

IQ-TREE: Novel methods for phylogenetic inference

Event | Tue 17 April 2018

In this talk I will present three new computational methods for phylogenetics: (i) a fast and accurate model selection approach (ModelFinder), (ii)