Fiddler crabs: sex, territoriality and beyond

I conduct research on a wide range of questions related to the mating and social behaviour of fiddler crabs.

We conduct field based research into the behaviour of a number of different fiddler crab species. Most of the work is based in Darwin, NT. If you are interested in studying fiddler crabs, please email me.

I currently have projects on:

  • Climate change in the inter-tidal environment (fieldwork in Darwin).
  • Phylogeny and gene flow in fiddler crabs (fieldwork in east and north australia; lots of travel involved).
  • The use of robotic crab models in investigating the social system of fiddler crabs.
  • The use of colour by fiddler crab species in Australia (fieldwork throughout Australia).
  • The behavioural ecology of the flame fiddler crab (fieldwork accross northern Australia).