Research tools

Research in the School is supported by shared, core instruments with a wide range of capabilities. These instruments facilitate histology, microscopy and imaging, gene analysis, plant analysis, sample preparation and sample quantification/analysis, and are supported by a range of technical, professional and IT staff.





Gene analysis

The EcoGenomics and BioInformatics Facility (EBL) features instruments that accommodate a wide variety of sample types and allow sequencing library production, genome complexity reduction and sample multiplexing. Equipment available includes the LabChip spectral analysis, fractionation and separation systems, quantitative real-time PCR and DNA sequencer, customised robotic liquid handling for high-throughput sample extraction, preparation and analysis.
» Related Facilities: The EcoGenomics and BioInformatics Facility (EBL) (ANU-CSIRO); 
ACRF Biomolecular Resource Facility (BRF) and Genome Discovery Unit (GDU) (ACFR-JCSMR).

TS Azolla root


The histology facility houses a range of microtomes and instruments for tissue perfusion, embedding and staining. 
» Related FacilitiesThe ANU Centre for Advanced Microscopy.

Developing Drosophila fly brain

Imaging and microscopy

The school owns various types of microscopes, including confocal, compound fluorescence, fluorescence dissecting, and inverted microscopes, and instruments for time-lapsed, live-cell imaging and laser micro-dissection. These facilities complement the more advanced microscopy tools managed by the ANU Centre for Advanced Microscopy (CAM).
» Related FacilitiesThe ANU Centre for Advanced Microscopy.

LICOR Leaf gas analysis

Plant analysis

Besides plant services, the School operates numerous instruments used in plant research and analyses; including leaf chamber fluorometers by Li-Cor® Biosciences, pressure chambers, leaf porometers, and portable gas exchange fluorescence systems (by WALZ). 
» Related Facilities: RSB Plant Services (RSB), Controlled Environment Facility (RSB), High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre (RSB & CSIRO).

Student cutting gel

Sample preparation, analysis, and quantification

Numerous School-managed instruments are used for sample preparation and analysis. These include freeze-dryersof various capacities, homogenisers, sonicators, ImageQuant, Versadoc, Pharos, JAZZ reflectance spectrometers, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, plate reader with absorbance/ fluorescence/ luminescence capabilities, scintillation counters, and HPLC systems. The EcoGenomics and BioInformatics Facility (EBL) provides equipment for DNA and RNA visualisation and quantitation.
» Related Facilities: Joint Mass Spectromentry Facility, (RSB-RSC), Stable Isotope Laboratory (RSB); The EcoGenomics and BioInformatics Facility (EBL) (ANU-CSIRO);