Ecogenomics and Bioinformatics Lab (EBL)

The Ecogenomics and Bioinformatics Lab (EBL) is a collaborative space located on the ground floor of the R.N. Robertson Building (Bldg 46 ANU - you can find us on this map). The EBL is a joint initiative of ANU and CSIRO that seeks to support training, collaboration and cross-pollination. The lab includes experimental and computational components to underpin studies across both data generation and data analysis. For further information about the EBL, email, or contact the Lab manager, Niccy Aiken.


  • Biorupter Sonicator
  • NGS Express liquid handler (aka robot)
  • Labchip GXII
  • Labchip DS
  • Labchip XT
  • MinKNOW nanopore sequencing power system
  • MultiNA
  • Four thermal cyclers (including one 384 plate compatible)
  • Viaflo Adjustable Spacing Pipettes
  • Hybe oven
  • Thermomixer heat blocks (x2)
  • Qubit Fluorometer
  • Speedy-vac
  • Gel-running station
  • Lots of manual and electronic pipettes
  • Standard lab bits and pieces – vortexes centrifuges etc.

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