Danswell Starrs

Danswell Starrs is a Divisional Visitor to E&E, and has received funding Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) to explore if Computed X-ray Tomography (CT scanning) can be employed to examine the growth rings inside fish earstones, to reveal age and growth rates of fishes. This is a neat progression from his PhD research, which explored the microstructural and chemical properties of fish earstones. This work may lead to increased efficiency in the collection of key biological data required for effective fisheries management and conservation of threatened fish populations. Danswell will be working closely with Marta Vidal-Garcia and Scott Keogh (E&E).

Danswell's PhD thesis: 'Development of techniques to explore the early life history (ELH) ecology of the purple-spotted gudgeon (Mogurnda adspersa)' submitted March 2014. Supervisors: Dr C. Fulton (ANU) and Dr B. Ebner (CSIRO/JCU)


Research interests

My research is focused on developing techniques to study survival, growth and dispersal of larval fish, which is a complex problem, due to their small size (~ 5mm) and fragility.