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How does pfCRT confer drug resistance to malaria?

Malaria has become resistant to treatment with drugs such as chloroquine. The honours project will examine the function of a transport protein that is a major determinant in conferring resistance to malaria.

This project is open to Honours, Masters and PhD students

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Epigenomics of brain wiring and behaviour in honey bees Honours, PhD
Erythrocyte membrane modifications during malaria infection Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Evolution at extremes: Macroevolutionary responses to harsh environments Honours, PhD
Evolution of Australia's globally unique biodiversity hotspot PhD
Evolution of scald and net form of net blotch Honours, PhD
Evolution of Shigella Honours, PhD
Evolution of the Australian Onychophora Honours, PhD
Evolutionary analysis of short read sequences Masters, PhD
Evolutionary biology of Australian reptiles and amphibians Honours, Masters, PhD
Evolutionary significance of early developmental environments: Interaction between maternal effects and offspring thermal environment on phenotypic development and fitness PhD
Evolving with sexually transmitted infections Honours, PhD
Exploring the evolutionary protein landscape of Rubisco PhD
Factors impacting gene silencing efficacy in plants Honours, Masters, PhD
Feeding and ecology of grapevine scales PhD
Fiddler crabs: current projects Masters, PhD
Flavonoid functions in nitrogen-fixing symbioses Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Function of molecular chaperones in the export and display of parasite proteins Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Fungal bioinformatics PhD
Genes, diet and environment Honours, PhD
Genital evolution in insects Honours, PhD
Genome wide association mapping Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Global patterns of biodiversity Honours, PhD
Have megajournals changed the way that science is done? Honours, PhD
How do biological molecules distinguish between ions? Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
How do RNA binding proteins find the right partner? Honours, Bachelor, PhD