Australian Plant Phenomics Facility at ANU

The Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF) at ANU provides access to a range of plant phenomics equipment and expertise in certified quarantine and GM facilities. Projects can be conducted by ANU staff on behalf of the researcher or by the researcher at the facility. Appropriate PC2, Quarantine and Building Induction training is required prior to access. The Facility is Located within the Linnaeus Building 134 on the ANU Acton campus in Canberra and consists of:

  • A modern greenhouse facility which includes precision environmental control and top down RGB real time imaging of plant growth to analyse genetic variation in water use efficiency in plant growth, as well as a glasshouse Balance Array (real time pot weighing system) [demo data];  
  • Conviron plant growth cabinets enabling research projects that require accurate climate controlled environments. Including the Spectral Pheno Climatron (SPC) chambers equipped with 7 HEliospectra LEDs and 10 bands LED lights, top down nIR, DSLR RGB and time lapse imaging and simulated climate control.
  • PSI TrayScan a high throughput plant analysis system incorporating, thermal, RGB and fluorescence imaging capable of processing 15 trays per hour.

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