Brian Gunning



Brian is an Emeritus Professor and Visiting Fellow in the Division of Plant Science.


Research interests

Plant cell biology, main activity at present is the development and publication of a comprehensive multimedia presentation in DVD format of structural aspects of plant cell biology, entitled "Plant Cell Biology on DVD", which greatly augments the hard-copy textbook by Gunning and Steer (see publication list, now out of print).

The DVD provides browsing for students at all levels, and is a major resource of teaching material for tutors/lecturers. It contain >2000 images and >250 movie sequences/animations covering an introduction to plant cells, nuclei, ER, Golgi, plasma membrane, plasmodesmata, vacuole, mitochondria, plastids, peroxisomes, cytoskeleton, vesicle trafficking and organelle interactions.


Selected publications

  • Gunning BES, Koenig F, Govindjee (2006) A dedication to pioneers of research on chloroplast structure. Historical introduction. In: The Structure and Function of Plastids. (Eds. RR Wise, JK Hoober) Vol 23 in the series "Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration", Series Editor Govindjee, Springer. pp xi-xx.
  • Gunning BES (2005) Plastid stromules: video microscopy of their outgrowth, retraction, tensioning, anchoring, branching, bridging and tip-shedding. Protoplasma 225, 33-42.
  • Gunning BES (2001) Membrane geometry of “open” prolamellar bodies. Protoplasma 215, 4-15.
  • Gunning BES (2000) John Heslop Harrison. Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society of London 46, 197-217.
  • Gunning BES (2000) John Heslop Harrison. Extended Biography and Edited Autobiography. pp 1-306.
  • Gunning BES, Schwartz OM (1999) Confocal microscopy of thylakoid autofluorescence in relation to origin of grana and phylogeny in the green algae. Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 26, 695-708.
  • Pickett-Heaps J D, Gunning BES, Brown RC, Lemmon BE, Cleary AC (1999) The cytoplast concept in dividing plant cells: cytoplasmic domains and the evolution of spatially organized cell division. American Journal of Botany 86, 153-172.
  • Gunning BES (1998) The identity of mystery organelles in Arabidopsis plants expressing GFP. Trends in Plant Science 3, 417.
  • Hepler P K, Gunning BES (1998) Confocal fluorescence microscopy of plant cells. Protoplasma 201, 121-157.
  • Gunning BES, Steer MW (1996) Plant Cell Biology: Structure and Function. Jones and Bartlett, Boston. pp 1-131. (German translation, Biologie der Pflanzenzelle, Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart, 1995).
  • Vesk P, Vesk M, Gunning BES (1996) Field emission scanning electron microscopy of microtubule arrays in plant cells. Protoplasma 195, 168-181.

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