Lindell Bromham's textbook shortlisted for undergraduate textbook of the year

19 September 2016

Lindell Bromham's recently published textbook on molecular evolution and phylogenetics has been shortlisted for the Royal Society of Biology's undergraduate textbook of the year award. The judges commented that "This is an accessible, well laid out textbook covering difficult subject matters.  Its excellent synthesis nicely combines evolutionary biology with modern genetics."

RSB celebrated the publication of Lindell's second textbook on molecular evolution and phylogenetics in August 2016. According to Lindell, the aim of this book is to provide a friendly and accessible introduction to the background knowledge that phylogenetic analyses are built on - such as mutation, selection and drift - as well as to provide a non-threatening (equation-free!) description of the methods used. With lots of colour photos and diagrams, the book has an easy conversational style, and contains lots of recent examples from the scientific literature, including a wealth of Australian biodiversity. The launch was attended by academics from many disciplinary areas across campus and from CSIRO, as well as a cabal of enthusiastic children who helped to launch the book onto the turtle pond.