2012 NHMRC grant success

23 November 2012

A number of RSB staff have ben awarded NHMRC Project Grants and Rowena Martin has been awarded four-year Fellowship to commence in 2013. RSB staff are designated in bold.

Project Grants


Matthew Cook; David Tscharke; David Fulcher
Genomic medicine for human immune deficiency

Boris Martinac; Ben Corry; Charles Cranfield
Investigation of lipid-protein interactions of mechanosensitive ion channels

Livia Hool; Killugudi Swaminatha-Lyer; Ben Corry
Optimising efficacy of a peptide derived against the alpha-interacting domain of the L-type calcium channel in reduction of ischemia-reperfusion injury

Kiaran Kirk
Targeting an ion pump in the malaria parasite with multiple compound classes

Ryszard Maleszka
Unlocking the secrets of Royal Jelly: from recent breakthrough to novel drugs targeting Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase

Megan O'Mara; Alan Mark; Richard Callaghan
Understanding multidrug resistance in cancer: identification of the substrate and inhibitor binding sites in P-glycoprotein


Rowena Martin has been awarded an R.D. Wright Biomedical Fellowship - Level 1
Understanding how to combat drug resistance in the malaria parasite: Examination of two proteins that are key to the parasite’s ability to evade the toxic effects of antimalarial drugs


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