2012 ARC grant success

23 November 2012

Staff of RSB have been awarded eleven ARC Discovery Grants, two LIEF (Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities) grants and four DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award) Fellowships. The details of the grants are shown below, with RSB staff in bold.


Adrienne Hardham; David Jones; Peter Dodds; Jeffrey Ellis
Molecular basis of rust infection and host plant resistance

Christopher Bull; David Gordon; Stephanie Godfrey; Andrew Sih
What drives parasite spread through social networks: lessons from lizards

Anthony Millar; Peter Waterhouse; Christopher Helliwell
The use of molecular sponges to inhibit small Ribonucleic acid activity in plants

Benjamin Phillips; Craig Moritz
Peripheral isolates as hotbeds of adaptive diversity

Dean Price; Murray Badger
New approaches to unravelling post-translational controls operating on the cyanobacterial carbon dioxide concentrating mechanism

Owen Atkin; Patrick Meir; Matthew Turnbull; Stephen Sitch; Kevin Griffin; Vaughan Hurry
Disentangling climate and evolutionary controls over the temperature dependence of leaf respiration

Spencer Whitney
Exploring the catalytic role of the Rubisco small subunit: a new target for improving carbon dioxide-fixation in plants

Helen O'Neill
Microenvironments which support extramedullary hematopoiesis

Christopher Cazzonelli; Barry Pogson; Asaph Aharoni
The hunt for Ribonucleic Acid riboswitches and genetic sensors of metabolic flux in plants

Michael Crisp; Lyn Cook 
Evolution of Australia's globally unique hotspot of floral diversity

Graham Farquhar
Mineral content of leaves and the ratio of water loss to carbon gain: environmental and genetic controls and comparison with stable isotopic measures

LIEF Grants

Justin Borevitz; Susanne von Caemmerer; Sureshkumar Balasubramanian; Andrew Millar; Ian Small; Barry Pogson; Murray Badger; John Bowman
Spectral climate chamber facilities for phenomic studies of plant light response adaptation

William Foley; Adam Carroll; Murray Badger; Barry Pogson; Justin Borevitz; David Tissue; David Ellsworth; Benjamin Moore; Markus Riegler; Paul Rymer; Ian Small; Ryan Lister; Charles Warren, A; Mark Adams; Penelope Smith
High-throughput sample preparation robotics to enable emerging large-scale plant genomics, metabolomics and proteomics research

DECRA Fellowships

Lyanne Brouwer
Family matters: kin selection and competition in cooperative breeders

Maxine Piggott
New technology for accurate freshwater biodiversity assessment using environmental DNA

Sylvain Foret
The molecular basis of division of labour in the beehive

Yit-Heng Chooi
A synthetic biology approach for mining the secondary metabolomes of fungal phytopathogens