2011 Future Fellowship success

15 November 2011

ARC Future Fellowships

In the 2011 ARC Future Fellowship and DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award) Fellowship round The Research School of Biology has been awarded six Future Fellowships (from seven applications – an 86% success rate) and five DECRA Fellowships (from eleven applications – a 45% success rate).

Future Fellowships have been awarded to:
Loeske Kruuk (EEG; presently at the University of Edinburgh)
Patrick Meir (PS; presently at the University of Edinburgh)
Sarah Pryke (EEG; and Macquarie University, but joining us in the New Year having been appointed to a continuing position in the appointment round held earlier this year)
Amanda Ridley (EEG; presently at Macquarie University)
Peter Solomon (PS)
David Tscharke (BSB).

DECRA Fellowships have been awarded to:
Karen Ford (EEG)
Tamsyn Hilder (BSB)
Jennie Mallela (EEG)
Ajay Narendra (EEG)
Lisa Schwanz (EEG).

Congratulations to all, as well as to Jan Hemmi (EEG) who has been awarded a Future Fellowship through the University of Western Australia.