Why we should all study (and play) video games - an exploration of human evolution and behaviour

Are you actually reading this? Oh wow. Okay... I wasn't really ready for that. Umm, geez...alright, this talk is going to be about video games and why people play them. A little bit about how we can use technology to explore human behaviour. Oh wow, that was like less than a hundred words. How long do these have to be? Nevermind...uhh. I'll also talk about how we can use video games to explore what triggers human aggression and even explain things like sexism to help us combat it. If there's time, we can even play one of the games I've created. Is that something you'd want? I guess I can't hear your answer, so that's a bit of a weird thing to ask. Anyway, just bring your phone if you'd like to and we'll see how things go. See you soon!


Michael is an Associate Professor at UNSW Sydney that explores the role the social environment has on how individuals develop and behave. These interests have resulted in him working on a number of different species throughout his career from birds, to spiders, to crickets, and now humans. To explore human behaviour, Michael uses video games, which is pretty fun. Michael uses what he's learned from this research to create video games through his company Arludo that help teachers and students around the world easily perform science experiments to learn more about the world around them.