TIC Seminar: Processing of Basecall Nanopore Sequencing Signal with Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (CRNN)

Sequencing by translocating DNA fragments through an array of nanopores is a rapidly maturing technology which offers faster and cheaper sequencing than other approaches. However, accurately deciphering the DNA sequence from the noisy and complex electrical signal is challenging.
I will talk about the first deep learning model to achieve end-to-end basecalling: Directly translating raw signal to DNA sequence without the error-prone segmentation step. Trained with only a small set of 4000 reads, we show that our model provides state-of-the-art basecalling accuracy even on previously unseen species.

TIC Techniques In Computational Genomics

  • A community of researchers engaged in, or dependent on computational analysis of genomic data
  • Weekly seminars by volunteers
  • Drop-in sessions/round-table discussions convened by ANU Bioinformatics Consultancy (ABC)
  • Venue alternates between JCSMR and RSB, ANU.