PS Seminar Series: Photosynthetic acclimation under drought

Abstract - Acclimation of plant physiological processes to long-term (days to weeks) environmental changes is a key component of plant in response to climate change. We investigated how photosynthesis and its components acclimate to drought (DS) and growth temperature (Tgrowth) in wheat, and examined to what extent ignoring these acclimations would lead to errors in predicting photosynthesis. We found that photosynthesis acclimated little to Tgrowth, but strongly acclimated to DS and the combination of DS and Tgrowth. Neglecting photosynthetic acclimation under drought would cause significant errors in predicting photosynthesis.

Biography - Liang Fang obtained his BSc in 2015 (Hainan University, China), MSc in 2018 (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), and PhD in 2023 (Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands). Since December 2023, he returned to China to take up a faculty position in the College of Forest at Fujian Agriculture and Forest University. His current research focuses on the physiological responses of plants to various environmental factors under climate change. Also, he has taken part in projects related to tree diversity effects on ecosystem functioning under global change.