Honours/Masters Introductory Seminars

Chair: Spencer Whitney
Time Name Div Supervisor Co-supervisor Project title
11:45 Lunch
12:00 - 12:20 Davey, Arabella PS Peter Solomon   Dissecting the mechanistic basis of plant immunity
12:20 - 12:40 Smith, Ashley PS Simon Williams   Understanding the supression of plant resistance gene-baed immunity by fungal effectors
12:40 - 1:00 Magrath, Isobel PS Dean Price Caitlin Byrt, Ben Long Using directed evolution and rational mutation to enhance the efficiency of bicarbonate transporters
1:00 - 1:20 Nix, Samuel James PS Maria Ermakova Bob Furbank Optimizing overexpression of petC to improve C4 photosynthesis
1:20-1:30 Break        
1:30-1:50 Heng, Nigel PS Ulrike Mathesius   The role of NIN in nodulation
1:50-2:10 Mackenzie, John PS Owen Atkin Andrew Scafaro Exploring the effects of warm nights on respiration in wheat
2:10-2:30 Wong, Herbert PS Tony Millar Lisong Ma, Leila Blackman miRNA's
2:30-2:40 Tsang, Hong Ting (Natalie) PS Florence Danila Susanne von Caemmerer Investigating the development of plasmodesmata at the mesophyll-bundle sheath cell interface in C4 Seteria viridis and C3 rice species