Honours/Masters Introductory Seminars

Chair: Stefan Broer
Time Name Div Supervisor Co-supervisor Project title
11:45 Lunch
12:00 - 12:20 Hutchinson, Alice BSB Ben Corry Juan Felipe Torres Modelling of thermophoretic separation in aqueous electrolyte mixtures
12:20 - 12:40 Jiang, Yashan BSB Stefan Broer   Structure- activity relationships of B°ATI inhibitors
12:40 - 1:00 Kellett, Elise BSB Giel van Dooren Cibelly Goulart Characterisation of solute transporters in bradyzoites of Toxoplasma parasites.
1:00 - 1:20 Maguire, Capella BSB Giel van Dooren   Exploring central carbon metabolism in Toxoplasma parasites
1:20-1:30 Break        
1:30-1:50 Barker, Madison Lee BSB Alex Maier Melanie Rug Fighting malaria with fat - analysis of the lipid metabolism of the malaria parasite
1:50-2:10 Mee, Elizabeth BSB Adele Lehane Kiaran Kirk Characterisation of the malaria parasite's sulphate permease (PfSulP) transporter
2:10-2:30 Xifaras, Rachel BSB Richard Callaghan Sarah Rottet/Nick Cox Can NaAtm1 transport Fe co-ordinated with hemin?
2:30-2:40 Yue, Wenbo BSB Maja Adamska Marcin Adamski Investigation of transcription factor targets in calcareous sponge Sycon capricorn