HDR Conference


Session 1

(Host - Ivan Vinogradov)

Session 2

(Host- Spencer Whitney)


Automated monitoring of Bogong moth (Agrotis infusa) activity and abundance using wildlife cameras

Jesse Wallace (Maleska Lab)

Diel-driven variation of respiration and metabolite levels in C3 and C4 grasses

Yuzhen Fan (Atkin Lab)


Understanding dispersal patterns of saltwater crocodiles in Australia through molecular analysis Yusuke Fukuda (Moritz lab)

Developing a nanobody platform for structural determination of Candida auris ABC transporter ‘CDR1’ by cryo-EM

Shukla Promite (Brock lab)


Inheritance in Australia's most endangered insect, Dryococelus australis

Ollie Stuart (Mikheyev lab)

Transporters: more than meets the eye

Loraine Rourke (Byrt lab)



The impact of filtering putatively recombinant loci on species tree estimation

Caitlin Cherryh (Lanfear lab)


How PfCRT binds drugs

John Tanner (Corry lab)


Where Sunda Meets Sahul: bird beta diversity and biogeography

Audrey Prasetya (Moritz lab)

Characterizing the lipid fingerprint of the mechanosensitive channel Piezo2

YC Lin (Corry lab)



Thermal tolerance of canopy-forming seaweeds - a novel approach

Rosie Harris (Nicotra lab)

The role of UmamiT amino-acid transporters in symbiotic legume nodulation

Courtney Winning (Djordjevic lab)



Floral Notes from Underground: The Scent of the Underground Orchid

James Perkins (Peakall lab)

Investigating the tumour-immune landscape following immune checkpoint blockade therapy

Andrew Almonte (Fahrer lab)






Pangenomes and Moths - Adaptation in the lab and the wild

Andy Bachler (Stone lab)


The EVEREST Project: COVID-19 vaccine efficacy in cancer patients

George Cavic (Fahrer lab)


Rediscovering the leaf blotch miner moths (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) of Australia

Ying Luo (Keogh lab)

The identification of auxin transport inhibiting flavonoids that are active during nodule formation

Cindy Wang (Mathesius lab)


A Review on Miltotranes Zimmerman, 1994 (Coleoptera Curculionidae Molytinae), the Bowenia-pollinated Cycad Weevils in Australia, with Description of a New Species and New Insights into Bowenia Systematics Yun

Hsiao (Rowell lab)

Targeting thiamine (vitamin B1) metabolism and utilisation in Plasmodium

Toni Fathoni (Saliba lab)


Blakely’s Red Gum and psyllids: a volatile relationship?

Maddie Fink (Head lab)


Characterisation of the PKS4 gene cluster of Rhynchosporium commune

Reynaldi Darma (Solomon lab)


Stemness and trans-differentiation in regeneration: mechanisms and evolution

Di Pan (Adamska lab)

The roles of Nudix hydrolases secreted by pathogenic fungi

Carl McCombe (Williams lab)


Cellular and molecular regulation of calcareous sponge wound healing

Cuneyt Caglar (Adamska lab)

Structural repertoire of Fusarium oxysporum effectors revealed by experimental and computational studies

Daniel Yu (Williams lab)