Getting started with LabArchives Classroom edition

LabArchives Classroom is a highly-secure, best-practice eNotebook, ideal for replacing course paper 'bricks',  integrating with Wattle, and managing student activities and assessment.

This session is dedicated to using LabArchives and Wattle to manage courses. LabArchives Classroom is used in 3 courses at ANU.

LabArchives is widely used in Australian and international Universities. Some usage cases include:

  • for protection of ip, and compliance for storage of sensitive data.
  • COVID ready
  • Allows instrument data to be input directly to each student's notebook.
  • Replaces student course paper notebooks with industry-standard, timestamped, searchable, perpetually available enotebooks.
  • Provides better monitoring and assessment experiences for both students and convenors.

Unlike other online notebooks, LabArchives features complete audit control - it tracks & saves ALL revisions, by all users, for every entry. Timestamps cannot be manipulated, no file or entry can EVER be deleted, and all data may be recalled at any time. LabArchives is HIPAA, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, data is warehoused in Australia with encryption and multiple redundancy; and is protected by ANU support and data management contracts. 

LabArchives is intuitive to use, and stores all file types, including images, videos, GraphPad Prism, Snapgene, FlowJo, PDFs, MS-Office & more. It works with most browsers, and may be used on any computer or mobile device: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android phones and tablets; no special hardware or software required. Entries or entire notebooks may be shared with Read or Write permissions; or transferred, cloned and/or exported for account holders leaving the ANU.

All welcome.