E&E Webinar: Darwin comes to Town: evolution in Urban environments




Menno Schilthuizen is a Dutch ecologist and evolutionary biologist. He studies the diversification of groups of closely-related species, in land snails and beetles, and the questions of how and why different body-shapes evolve rapidly in such evolutionary ‘radiations’. He obtained his PhD from Leiden University in 1994, did two postdoctoral stints at Wageningen University and was an associate professor at the Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation in Malaysian Borneo for several years. Besides his scientific career, he is an active science reporter and populariser of biodiversity science. He had written four well-received books: Frogs, Flies & Dandelions: the making of species; The Loom of Life: unravelling ecosystems, Nature’s Nether Regions and, most recently, Darwin Comes to Town.