Annals of Botany Lecture

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In this spell-binding and visually stunning lecture at Botany 2020 - Virtual on July 28, 2020, Professor Rod Peakall described more than 25 years of research on sexually deceptive orchids. His research has demonstrated that floral volatile compounds can control pollinator specificity, pollinator switching, and speciation. He has found strong evidence that pollinator-mediated isolation can be a primary reproductive barrier in sexually deceptive orchids. He has even found evidence that extreme pollinator specialization can be reversible, and that in some clades of Caladenia repeated convergent evolution from sexual deception to food deception.

The talk featured a virtual chat box. Here are some comments from the audience.

"The talk was just mind-blowing. Absolutely amazing work and thanks for the tips to younger researchers... and for the advice on multidisciplinary approach."

"This is such an incredible lecture, I really appreciate the advice to younger researchers!"

“Wow!! amazing pictures to document this fantastic science!"

"Really fantastic work! Thanks so much for sharing!"

"Brilliant work and presentation! Thank you”

Professor Jeff Karron
North American Editor, Annals of Botany

July 28, 2020