Janet Elspeth Crawford Prize


Citation: Xiangning (Christine) Liu – (Saliba Group) -  has an outstanding undergraduate record (GPA 7.0), with half of her HD results coming from scores above 90, especially notable in the BMedSci, which is a very competitive student cohort. During Honours, she completed an exceptional body of work, well above expectations for the Honours year, resulting in two of her three examiners giving the highest thesis mark they had ever awarded, while the third had previously examined other Medal recipients. The examiners also noted that the experimental achievements were equivalent to some PhD theses. The breadth of experimental techniques that Christine mastered is unusual in the short time frame of an Honours year. It is clear from the supervisor and examiner reports that time spent in the laboratory did not come at the expense of mastering the literature and writing the thesis. Christine demonstrated a high level of intellectual ownership of her project, evident both in the thesis and by the fact that she has become a source of technical advice for other researchers. This is an exceptional level of project ownership and expertise for an Honours student.

The Janet Elspeth Crawford Prize is awarded each year to a female student who, in that year was enrolled in a program leading to the award of a degree of Bachelor with Honours in the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences or the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment; completed the Honours Year with a First Class Honours; and was nominated by the Dean of Science following consultation with the relevant Heads of Schools about the relative academic merit of the components making up the total Honours Year result of their candidates for the prize.