Canberra Citizen of the Year


2020 Canberra Citizens of the Year

All members of the ACT Emergency Services Agency and ACT Parks and Conservation Service

In recognition of the outstanding efforts and cooperation in responding to the unprecedented conditions experienced during the summer of 2019-2020. Canberrans are proud of the bravery and commitment shown by the members in serving our community.

Canberra Citizens of the Year

RSB Bushfire fighters and ACT Citizens of the Year »

Thank you to our RSB Bushfire fighters and our ACT Citizens of the Year!

This summer, Canberra and the ANU community, were threatened by extreme bushfires which resulted in a third (90000 hectares) of the Australian Capital Territory being burnt.  In recognition of their commitment, the Bushfire fighters who protected Canberra from this years unprecedented fires have been honoured with the ACT’s highest accolade “Canberra Citizens of the Year”.

Four of our in-...