2023 ANZSMS Morrison Medal


The Australian National University's Professor Ute Roessner has been awarded the 2023 Morrison Medal from the Australian and New Zealand Society for Mass Spectrometry (ANZSMS) in recognition of her contributions to the field.  

While known for her expertise in metabolomics and plant biology, having been involved in setting up Metabolomics Australia (MA) in 2007, Professor Roessner's research has also included applications of mass spectrometry to characterise the complex metabolic profiles of plants. 

Metabolomics involves the comprehensive analysis of metabolites, small molecules that feature in the chemical reactions and processes that occur within living organisms.  

Professor Roessner's work has led to the increased accuracy of mass spectrometry instruments, and as such has advanced understanding of plant metabolism, as well as helping to identify the key metabolites involved in plant growth, stress response and environmental interactions. 

​​​"I'm thrilled to have been awarded this prestigious medal, and particularly as a plant scientist," says Professor Roessner.  

Named for Professor Jim Morrison, the ANZSMS Morrison Medal honours his work in the field and celebrates individuals who have made significant advancements in mass spectrometry research. Professor Roessner was nominated by a previous postdoc she worked with at MA, Associate Professor Berin Boughton.