Staff services & policies

For internal staff only.

Accessing RSB IT services outside RSB or off campus

Remote access to the ANU and RSB network via VPN

Access your RSB desktop and network files through RSB box

  • Use RSB 'dropbox' to remotely access and edit your RSB desktop and fileshares via a web browser. No VPN needed, use your u-number and ANU credentials to log in. RSBbox is handy for accessing Word etc. files, but can be slow for large data.
    Right-click on a file to edit it, download it or share it. To access RSB files on a phone or tablet: download the HttpCommander app from your app store, then add a new connection: Name: RSB, Connection URL: , then your u-number and password.
  • Tom's video guide to RSB box

ANU Collaboration toolset and Outlook web mail

  • Does your group need a collaboration tool? Microsoft Teams is similar to Slack, and combines chat, skype-like video meetings and calls, and document management (through SharePoint), and is integrated with the ANU Microsoft ecosystem. Each site has 25TB of storage. Get started with MS Teams
  • Access the MS Toolset through Office 365 mail weblink or Outlook web mail, then click the 'App Laucher' icon (a square of 9 dots in the top left), and select Teams, then Join or Create Team.
  • Microsoft Teams is available online, or through downloadable desktop app and phone app.
  • The ANU collaboration toolset includes integrated services including SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Teams, Chat, Outlook, online Office and more.
  • Tom's video guide to co-authoring online documents in SharePoint

Zoom for online meetings

Off campus access to ANU internal URL's (Library, intranet)

Remote Desktop (RDP)

  • You can 'Remote' into your work desktop (which must be powered on) if you need to access software or compute power not on your home machine.
  • Search your computer's menu for Remote Desktop Connection (PC, or MS Remote Desktop App if Mac to Pc) or VNC viewer (if remoting from a PC to a Mac), or options here for Mac to Mac.
  • To request access, email with your u. number and PC number (on the barcode sticker - e.g. RSB0001234). 
  • Important! You will need to allow remote access, and also turn off sleep settings on the work PC you're remoting into, before the remote session (and turn back again after).


Adobe CC and other home use software

  • Adobe has provided students with temporary access to Adobe CCE licensed products until May 31 2020 but ITS is trying to extend this to at least June 27.
  • All ANU Full-Time Employees will have full, permanent access to Adobe CCE for at least the next 3 years.
  • Read more about Adobe CC on personal devices and home use software.

RSB Intranet

Biology website login

Remote Working at ANU

Need support? Email to log a job request with RSB IT.
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