Joe Altin

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Joe Altin received his BSc followed by a Grad Dip Sci in 1985 (ANU), and his PhD (ANU) in 1988. From 1988-1990 he held a post-doctoral position at the University of California, Irvine, USA. He then returned to Australia to take up a Research Fellowship position at the JCSMR (ANU). In 1997, he established his research laboratory in the then Division of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the ANU Faculty of Science, after being awarded NHMRC and commercial funding. A major focus of his research has been to develop patented technology to facilitate the use of stealth liposomes, as targeted nanoparticles or delivery vehicles for antigens, drugs and nucleic acids, for the development of novel effective liposomal vaccines and cancer immunotherapies.

Research interests

  • Tumour immunology and liposome targeting
  • Developing targeted stealth liposomes as vaccines and cancer immunotherapies.

Current projects

  • Improving the tumour penetrating ability of peptide-targeted liposomes
  • Developing stealth liposomes to target the vasculature of tumours.

Selected publications

  • Faham, Abdus; Altin, Joseph G.Ag-bearing liposomes engrafted with peptides that interact with CD11c/CD18 induce potent Ag-specific and antitumor immunity International Journal of Cancer. 129(6), 1391-1403.
  • Herringson, Thomas P.; Altin, Joseph G. Effective tumor targeting and enhanced anti-tumor effect of liposomes engrafted with peptides specific for tumor lymphatics and vasculature, International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 411(1-2), 206-214.
  • Herringson, Thomas P.; Altin, Joseph G. Increasing the antitumor efficacy of doxorubicin-loaded liposomes with peptides anchored via a chelator lipid Journal of Drug Targeting. 19(8), 681-689.
  • Faham, Abdus; Herringson, Thomas; Parish, Chris; et al pDNA-lipoplexes engrafted with flagellin-related peptide induce potent immunity and anti-tumour effects Vaccine. 29(40), 6911-6919.
  • Faham, A.; Altin, J. G.Antigen-Containing Liposomes Engrafted with Flagellin-Related Peptides Are Effective Vaccines That Can Induce Potent Antitumor Immunity and Immunotherapeutic Effect Journal of Immunology 185(3), 1744-1754.
  • Altin JG, Parish CR, Price J, Atmosukarto I, and De Wildt RM. Composition for targeting dendritic cells.
  • Herringson, T. P.; Altin, J. G.Convenient targeting of stealth siRNA-lipoplexes to cells with chelator lipid-anchored molecules Journal of Controlled Release 139(3), 229-238.
  • Faham, A; Bennett, D; Altin, J. G. Liposomal Ag engrafted with peptides of sequence derived from HMGB1 induce potent Ag-specific and anti-tumour immunity Vaccine. 27(42), 5846-5854.
  • Hamazah, J; Altin, J. G.; Herrington, T; et al. Targeted Liposomal Delivery of TLR9 Ligands Activates Spontaneous Antitumor Immunity in an Autochthonous Cancer Model Journal of Immunology. 183(2), 1091-1098
  • Herringson, T. P.; Patlolla, R. R.; Altin, J. G.Targeting of plasmid DNA-lipoplexes to cells with molecules anchored via a metal chelator lipid Journal of Gene Medicine. 11(11), 1048-1063.

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