Water and sunlight the formula for sustainable fuel

“Water is abundant and so is sunlight. It is an exciting prospect to use them to create hydrogen, and do it cheaply and safely,” said Dr Kastoori Hingorani, from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis in the ANU Research School of Biology.

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Dr Kastoori Hingorani (L) and Professor Ron Pace. Image Stuart Hay, ANU

Herpes remains active even when no symptoms appear

Scientists researching the herpes virus have been surprised to find an ongoing conflict in the cells of sufferers, even when the virus is apparently dormant.

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PhD student Tiffany Russell and Associate Professor David Tscharke examining cells infected with herpes virus. Photo Stuart Hay, ANU

Possum poo study sheds light on human epidemics

A new study of the way bacteria spread amongst possums could shed light on the spread of human epidemics.

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Possum in a trap. Image credit: Sam Banks

Susanne von Caemmerer awarded the Charles F. Kettering Award

The Charles F. Kettering Award recognises excellence in photosynthesis research.

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Susanne von Caemmerer receiving the Charles F. Kettering Award

Using artificial nests to assist and study Macaw Parrots in lowland Peru

George Olah used forensic genetic techniques to learn about Peru's Macaw population, and the impact of a massive road project on breeding of these birds.

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George Olah and Scarlet Macaw

New insights into pain relief drugs

The precise knowledge of how the drug molecules attach to proteins in the nerve cell give a springboard for redesigning drugs without the side-effects that current drugs bring with them.

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New insights into pain relief

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