Recruitment at RSB

The Research School of Biology is recruiting up to six Academic Level B/C positions across the three divisions of the school. 

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TIC Seminar: Ancestral Inference from Gene Trees

A unique gene tree describing the mutation history of a sample of DNA sequences can be constructed as a perfect phylogeny under an assumption of non-recurren

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ARC grant success

The Australian National University (ANU) has won $24 million in Australian Research Council (ARC) funding for 58 research projects across the University. 

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ARC logo

How does the crested pigeon make their mysterious alarm sound?

Scientist have solved the mystery of how crested pigeons create an alarm without using their voice to prompt other birds to flee danger.

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How does the crested pigeon make their mysterious alarm sound?

Putting cancer on trial

Sometimes what we’re looking for is right in front of us all along. Dr Aude Fahrer knows this feeling.

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Dr Aude Fahrer in the lab

From honey bees to bioengineering

In contrast to the human eye, which projects the environment through a lens onto the retina as an image, honey bees use a compound eye comprised of many omma

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Molecular mimicry and sexual deception

A team of chemists and biologists at both the ANU and the University of Western Australia (UWA) have been investigating and discovering what draws pollinator

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Pollination of the Spider orchid Caladenia crebra by the Thynnine wasp Campylothynnus flavopictus

The Research School of Biology is devoted to the study of biological processes in plants, animals and humans. It is home to over 60 academics and their research groups (Labs), which for purposes of research support and administration are subdivided into three Divisions: Plant SciencesEcology and Evolution, and Biomedical Sciences and Biochemistry.

The Research School of Biology supports academic groups with significant facilities and infrastructure, such as plant growth facilities, green houses, animal housing and a pool of large equipment. The School has a Mass Spectrometry Facility for metabolomics and proteomics and together with CSIRO Pant Industry houses the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility.

The Divisions and each of the infrastructure areas are supported by teams of professional staff. RSB academics are supported by grants from large variety of sources, and participate in external Centres and Units, including the:


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