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We work on a wide range of questions in macroecology, macroevolution, community ecology and conservation biology, mostly using a comparative or modelling approach, and usually with a strong phylogenetic perspective. The questions we are interested in include: why have some lineages diversified faster than others? Why do the tropics have so many species? What are the origins of the south-west Australian biodiversity hotspot? Why are some species at greater risk of extinction than others? Our research is not taxon-specific, and we have worked on birds, mammals, invertebrates and plants.

Lab members

  • Dan Warren (Postdoctoral Scientist, 2012-2014)
  • Emily Hanna (Honours 2009, PhD 2010-2013)
  • David Duchene (PhD 2013-)
  • Camile Moray (PhD 2011- , co-supervised with Lindell Bromham)
  • Zoe Reynolds (Honours 2012, RA 2012-2013, PhD 2014-)

Group news

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Russell Dinnage, Marcel Cardillo & Gavin Huttley (together with Owain Edwards from CSIRO) have been awarded a CBA Ignition Grant, "Characterizing the evolutionary and ecological diversity of invertebrates in the Monsoonal vine thickets of the Kimberley".



Marcel Cardillo

Marcel Cardillo
I did my PhD at the University of Queensland, then spent a few years in the UK, first at the Institute of Zoology, then at...

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Postdoctoral Scientist


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Selected publications

  • Cardillo, M., Mace, G.M., Jones, K.E., Bielby, J., Bininda-Emonds, O.R.P., Sechrest, W., Orme, C.D.L. & Purvis, A. (2005) Multiple causes of high extinction risk in large mammal species.Science 309: 1239-1241. F1000 rating: 13
  • Cardillo, M., Mace, G.M., Gittleman, J.L. & Purvis, A. (2006) Latent extinction risk and the future battlegrounds of mammal conservation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 103: 4157-4161. F1000 rating: 8
  • Bininda-Emonds, O.R.P., Cardillo, M., Jones, K.E., MacPhee, R.D.E., Beck, R.M.D., Grenyer, R., Price, S.A., Vos, R., Gittleman, J.L. & Purvis, A. (2007) The delayed rise of present-day mammals.Nature 446: 507-512. F1000 rating: 6
  • Cardillo, M. (2011) Phylogenetic structure of mammal assemblages at large geographical scales: linking phylogenetic community ecology with macroecology. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, London Series B 366: 2545-2553. F1000 rating: 8
  • Cardillo, M, and Meijaard E (2012) Are comparative studies of extinction risk useful for conservation? Trends in Ecology & Evolution 27:167-171.
  • Hanna, E. & Cardillo, M. (2013) Island mammal extinctions are determined by interactive effects of life history, island biogeography and mesopredator suppression.Global Ecology & Biogeography, published online 11 August 2013.

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Marcel Cardillo

A major current focus is the amazing plant diversity of Australia’s southwest corner.

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