Abiotic stress signalling, developmental programming and plant adaptation

Rice plant


A wide range of opportunities are available for research projects within the lab, from short term  undergraduate projects (ASC, BIOL3028/3029) to longer term projects (Honours, Masters and PhD students).

Our research involves  molecular biology and genomic approaches, developmental and cellular biology, biochemistry, and physiology. Our experiments spans scales from molecular to whole plant and are carried on a plants but also in yeast, and within plants on a range of species  depending on specific question, and approaches - from model species (rice, Arabidopsis) to crop species such as wheat or tomatoes. Although our goal is to understand how plant develop and adapt to harsh environments, the processes and pathways we focus show fascinating overlap with those operating in other other organisms, e.g. humans and Drosophila.

So if you are interested, come and talk. Our projects can  be tailored to a wide range of interests.

Projects listed below are only a few examples.

See the lab page for more details on the current lab projects.

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