Lab name Division
Adamska Group - Genomic and evolutionary basis of animal development Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Altin Group - Tumour immunology and liposome targeting group Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Atkin Group - Plant respiration in a changing world Plant Sciences
Backwell Group - Behavioural ecology of fiddler crabs Ecology and Evolution
Badger Group - Photosynthetic functional genomics Plant Sciences
Ball (Eldon) Group - The molecular basis of coral biology Ecology and Evolution
Ball (Marilyn) Group - Ecophysiology of salinity and freezing tolerance Plant Sciences
Behm Group - Nematode molecular biology Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Borevitz Group - Plant genomics for climate adaption Plant Sciences
Borevitz Group - Plant genomics for climate adaption Ecology and Evolution
Broer Group - Membrane transport and nutrition Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Bromham Group - Macroevolution and macroecology Ecology and Evolution
Callaghan Group - Human disease and membrane transport Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Cardillo Group - Macroevolution, Macroecology and Biogeography Ecology and Evolution
Cavanaugh Group - Molecular genetics of complex diseases
Chow Group - Thylakoid structure and function Plant Sciences
Chung Group - Biophysics of ion channels Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Cockburn Group - Evolutionary ecology Ecology and Evolution
Cooper Group - Insect physiology, salt and water regulation Ecology and Evolution
Corry Lab - Transport proteins and computational biophysics Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Crisp Lab - Plant systematics and biogeography Ecology and Evolution
Dewar Lab - Entropy in biological and physical systems Plant Sciences
Djordjevic Lab - Root architecture, root nodule formation, nitrogen fixation, regulatory peptides, plant development, Rhizobium Plant Sciences
Evans Lab - Physiology of photosynthesis; interactions with nitrogen Plant Sciences
Fahrer Lab - Immunology Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Farquhar Lab - Coordination of CO2 fixation and transpiration in plants Plant Sciences
Foley Lab - Animal-Plant interactions Ecology and Evolution
Fulton Group - Ecology and evolution of fishes Ecology and Evolution
Furbank Lab – Improving photosynthesis and crop yield Plant Sciences
Gardner Lab - Avian ecology and climate change Ecology and Evolution
Gordon Lab - Population biology of micro-organisms Ecology and Evolution
Hardham Lab - Plant pathogen interactions Plant Sciences
Head Lab – Ecology and evolution of sex Ecology and Evolution
Howitt Lab - Transporter structure and function Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Huttley Lab - Bioinformatics, molecular evolution of genomes Ecology and Evolution
Jennions Lab - Behavioural and reproductive ecology Ecology and Evolution
Jones Lab - Disease resistance Plant Sciences
Keogh Lab - Evolutionary biology & ecology of reptiles and amphibians Ecology and Evolution
Kirk & Lehane Lab - Membrane transport in parasites Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Kruuk Lab - Evolutionary ecology and quantitative genetics Ecology and Evolution
Lanfear Lab - Mutation, molecular evolution and phylogenetics Ecology and Evolution
Langmore Lab - Avian evolutionary and behavioural ecology Ecology and Evolution
Leyton Lab - Assembly, function, and applications of nanoscale bacterial surface structures Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Linde Lab - Population genetics, evolution, phylogeography and molecular phylogenetics of fungi Ecology and Evolution
Magrath Lab - Behavioural ecology; acoustic communication; ornithology Ecology and Evolution
Maier Lab - Molecular mechanisms of malaria pathogenesis Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Maleszka Lab - From molecules to behaviour Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Martin Lab - Membrane transport proteins of the malaria parasite Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Masle Group - Environmental sensing, systemic signalling and development: plant resilience to drought and changing climate Plant Sciences
Mathesius Lab - Root microbe interactions - symbionts to parasites Plant Sciences
Meir Lab - Tropical forest ecosystems Plant Sciences
Mikheyev Lab - Evolutionary genomics Ecology and Evolution
Millar Lab - RNA biology and post-transcriptional gene regulation in plants Plant Sciences
Moritz Lab - Evolutionary biogeography & conservation Ecology and Evolution
Nicotra Lab - Plant physiological ecology, plant evolutionary biology, reproductive ecology Ecology and Evolution
Noble Lab - Animal ecophysiology and evolutionary ecology Ecology and Evolution
O'Neill Lab - Stem cells and immunology
Peakall Lab - Pollination, evolution and conservation Ecology and Evolution
Pogson Lab - Chloroplast to nuclear signalling: light, drought and carotenoids Plant Sciences
Price Group - The cyanobacterial CO2 concentrating mechanism and the use of synthetic biology to transfer it to C3 crop plants Plant Sciences
Rathjen Lab - Plant immunity Plant Sciences
Roderick Lab - Ecohydrology & climate
Rodrigo Lab - Ecogenomics and bioinformatics
Rowell Lab - Population genetics, karyology and phylogeography of terrestrial invertebrates Ecology and Evolution
Saliba Lab - Physiology and biochemistry of the malaria parasite Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Schwessinger Group - Plants, fungi, evolution Plant Sciences
Solomon Lab - Wheat biosecurity Plant Sciences
Stone Lab - Quantitative and Computational Biology
Tcherkez Lab - Plant metabolic fluxes and interactions Plant Sciences
van Dooren Lab - Cell biology and metabolism of apicomplexan parasites Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Verma Lab - Bacterial and bacteriophage genetics, and vaccine development Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
von Caemmerer Lab - CO2 fixation and water loss of leaves Plant Sciences
Wen Lab - Computational Biology of RNA regulation and genomics Biomedical Science and Biochemistry
Whitney Lab - Synthetic Photosynthesis - bioengineering enzymes to adjust carbon fixation Plant Sciences
Williams Group - Plant structural immunology Plant Sciences
Zeil Lab - Ecological neuroscience Ecology and Evolution

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