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Acropora coral (image courtesy Zoe Richards)

We use molecular tools to investigate many aspects of coral biology including comparative genomics, development, stress responses and calcification. Most of our projects are in collaboration with Professor David Miller and Dr Sylvain Forêt of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies in Townsville.


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Selected publications

  • Weiss Y, Forêt S, Hayward DC, Ainsworth T, King R, Ball EE, Miller DJ. (2013) The acute transcriptional response of the coral Acropora millepora to immune challenge:expression of GiMAP/IAN genes links the innate immune responses of corals with those of mammals and plants. BMC Genomics 14:400
  • Okubo N, Mezaki T, Nozawa Y, Nakano Y, Lien YT, Fukami H, Hayward DC, Ball EE. (2013) Comparative embryology of eleven species of stony corals (Scleractinia). PLoS One 8:e84115
  • Moya A, Huisman L, Ball EE, Hayward DC, Grasso LC, Chua CM, Woo HN, Gattuso JP, Forêt S, Miller DJ. (2012) Whole transcriptome analysis of the coral Acropora millepora reveals complex responses to CO₂-driven acidification during the initiation of calcification. Molecular Ecology 21:2440-54.
  • Attenborough RM, Hayward DC, Kitahara MV, Miller DJ, Ball EE. (2012) A "Neural" Enzyme in Nonbilaterian Animals and Algae: Preneural Origins for Peptidylglycine α-Amidating Monooxygenase.  Molecular Biology & Evolution  29:3095–3109 doi:10.1093/molbev/mss114
  • Grasso LC, Negri AP, Fôret S, Saint R, Hayward DC, Miller DJ, Ball EE. (2011) The biology of coral metamorphosis: molecular responses of larvae to inducers of settlement and metamorphosis. Developmental Biology 353:411-9.
  • Hayward DC, Hetherington S, Behm CA, Grasso LC, Forêt S, Miller DJ, Ball EE. (2011) Differential gene expression at coral settlement and metamorphosis--a subtractive hybridization study.  PLoS One 6: e26411.
  • Foret S, Knack B, Houliston E, Momose T, Manuel M, Queinnec E, Hayward DC, Ball EE, Miller DJ. (2010) New tricks with old genes: the genetic bases of novel cnidarian traits. Trends in Genetics 26:154-158.
  • Ball EE, Miller, DJ. (2010) Putting placozoans on the (phylogeographic) map. Molecular Ecology 19:2181-3
  • Reyes-Bermudez A, Lin Z, Hayward DC, Miller DJ, Ball EE. (2009) Differential expression of three galaxin-related genes during settlement and metamorphosis in the scleractinian coral Acropora millepora. BMC Evol Biol 9:178
  • Grasso LC, Maindonald J, Rudd S, Hayward DC, Saint R, Miller DJ, Ball EE. (2008) Microarray analysis identifies candidate genes for key roles in coral development. BMC Genomics. 9:540
  • Ball EE, de Jong DM, Schierwater B, Shinzato C, Hayward DC, Miller DJ. (2007) Implications of cnidarian gene expression patterns for the origins of bilaterality – is the glass half full or half empty? Integrative and Comparative Biology. 47:701-711.

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