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Synthetic nanotubes to mimic biological ion channels

Biological ion channels, made from proteins, form water-filled conduits across cell membranes such that charged particles can move in and out of the cell. Engineered channels, such as nanotubes, are far less complex than biological systems; yet, they have the ability to perform some of the functions biological ion channels carry out.

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Co-evolution between Australian cuckoos and their hosts PhD
CO2 diffusion inside leaves Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Comparative, meta-analytic and empirical approaches to understanding the impacts of developmental environments on life-history evolution PhD
Control of meristem differentiation and plant architecture in legumes Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Coral regeneration Honours, PhD
Design and evaluation of novel antimalarial drugs Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Designing new channel inhibitors for treating chronic pain Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Developing molecular tools for functional analysis of microRNA-mediated gene silencing Honours, Masters, PhD
Development of a simple, inexpensive therapeutic cancer vaccine Honours, PhD
Diseases of amino acid transport Honours, PhD
Drug resistance in the human malaria parasite Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Duetting and female song in Australian passerines Masters, PhD
E. coli within and among host dynamics in poultry Honours, PhD
Ecological processes in evolutionary radiations Honours, PhD
Ecophysiology of salinity and temperature tolerance in a changing world Honours, PhD
Effector delivery by fungal rust pathogens Bachelor, PhD, Honours
Effects of climate change on Australian bird species Honours, PhD
Effects of climate change on Australian bird species PhD, Honours
Effects of climate change on avian morphology Honours, PhD
Enhancing carotenoid levels in cereals by esterification Honours, PhD
Entropy, information theory and biodiversity Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
Environmental physiology of locusts Honours, PhD
Epigenetic integration of genomic and environmental information in honey bees Honours, Bachelor, PhD
Epigenetics of brain plasticity Honours, Bachelor, PhD
Epigenomics of brain wiring and behaviour in honey bees Honours, PhD