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Electron transport and ATP synthesis in chloroplasts

In chloroplasts, photosynthetic electron transport generates a proton gradient across the thylakoid membrane which then drives ATP synthesis via ATP synthase. Changes to the balance between electron transport and ATP synthesis negatively affect photosynthesis and ultimately the plant’s growth, as observed for example in tobacco cytochrome b6f complex loss-of-function mutants.

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Structural basis of drug resistance in the Malaria parasite Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
Structural basis of Resolvin mediated GPCR signalling Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
Student projects - additional topics for the future Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Student projects in thylakoid function and structure PhD
Student research projects in CO2 fixation and water loss of leaves Honours, Bachelor, PhD
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Studies on the biochemical regulation of C3 and C4 photosynthesis Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Studying pathogen proteins that cause disease Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Synthetic nanotubes to mimic biological ion channels PhD
The bioinformatic methods of epigenomic data analysis Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
The biology of the mitochondrion of apicomplexan parasites Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
The causes and consequences of dispersal in seed beetles Honours, PhD
The colon environment as a determinant of E. coli diversity Honours, PhD
The ecological and molecular basis of pollinator-driven speciation in Australian orchids PhD
The ecology and evolution of aposematism Honours, PhD
The evolution of cooperative behaviour in Rabbit fish Honours, PhD
The evolution of genital size in mosquitofish Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
The evolution of mouth markings in estrildid finches Masters, PhD
The impact of DNA sequence variants on epigenetic processes and their capacity to respond to contrasting environmental inputs Honours, Bachelor, PhD
The impact of transposon variation on the evolvability of grasses Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
The role of amino acids in diabetes Honours, PhD
The role of hormones in parental care Honours, PhD
The role of phospholipid flippases in the immune system Honours, PhD
The role of RNA binding proteins in post-transcriptional gene regulation and plant biology. Honours, Masters, PhD
The Williams Plant Structural Immunology Group - Student Projects Bachelor, Honours, PhD