Leaf respiration under drought

The Earth's climate and ecosystem functioning is sensitive to plant respiration. Drought and temperature both influence respiration, yet we are unable to predict how these factors will impact on future rates of respiration. In recent years, we and collaborating labs combined laboratory and field (in Australia and Nth America) experiments to establish whether there are systematic differences among species in drought-mediated changes in respiration, and how drought impacts on the temperature dependence of respiration. 

While the projects are largely complete, it is anticipated that future student projects will build on the results obtained from this project - please contact Owen Atkin if you have an interest in projects in this area. 

Some of the results have been published or are in press (see below), with additional studies to be submitted for publication in future months. 


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Some of these studies were conducted in collaboration with: Dr Paul Gauthier (now at Princeton University, USA), Professor John Evans (ANU), Professor Mark Tjoelker (UWS, Richmond, Australia), Professor Stephen Sitch (Exeter, UK). This project was funded by an ARC Discovery Grant (DP1093759).