Ecological processes in evolutionary radiations

Adaptive radiation theory predicts links between ecological processes that occur at small scales (such as interspecific competition) and macroevolutionary patterns of diversification and niche evolution through time. We are building computational models that simulate the adaptive radiation process to clarify these links, then testing them empirically using genomic and spatial data for Australian Proteaceae, and other groups including birds and mammals.

There is scope for student involvement in this project, at the honours and higher degree levels. If you are interested in a project in which you learn programming, modelling and computational skills, please get in touch with Marcel ( For more information about our lab and kinds of research we do, visit our lab website.


This project is funded by ARC Discovery Grant DP160100574 (Testing the links between ecological processes and evolutionary radiations). Marcel Cardillo is Principal Investigator, and Russell Dinnage is employed as a postdoc on the project.