Connecting to the RSB VPN service

The ANU virtual private network (VPN) is a secure way of connecting to a private ANU network at a remote location. Using the VPN software you can access resources such as the RSB intranet and network fileshares. The new ANU VPN server is now compatible with Windows and Mac OSX computers, both 64 and 32 bit, and via most smart phones. The following instructions are for connecting with a Windows or MAC OSX computer.

Step 1

Contact RSB IT (6125 4321 Option 2-1-2, or, or log a job) to have your account added to the RSB VPN service.

Step 2

Once you have been added, navigate to  and download a client appropriate to your system.

Step 3

Open the VPN client and configure to the following settings:

  • Connect to if this option doesn't exist, type or copy-paste it into the dislogue box
  • Enter username, which is your ANU ID followed by "@rsb" (eg u1234567@rsb)
  • Enter your password.

Please contact the RSB IT Support Staff  (6125 4321 Option 2-1-2, or log a job)  for information on remote access to locally-operated services, or for further information or support.
NB: If connection is slow or not connecting, and you're using a Mac or Linux OS, check that there's nothing listed in your browser's 'bypass proxy' settings for hosts or domains. 
The VPN cannot be used to access remote services, and is the preferred solution for this.