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Improving drought tolerance in wheat by selectively inhibiting negative regulators of drought stress signalling

This project applies insights from the SAL1-PAP signalling work to identify the crops lacking the negative regulators and evaluate the impact of such manipulation on their drought tolerance and yield performance under greenhouse and field conditions. This project provides an excellent opportunity to understand the genetics, genomics and physiology of cereal crops.


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Project Group Student intake
Control of meristem differentiation and plant architecture in legumes Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Coping with temperature extremes: morphological constraints on leaf function in a warmer, drier climate Not open to students.
Coral development and comparative genomics Not open to students.
Coral regeneration Honours, PhD
Design and evaluation of novel antimalarial drugs Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Designing new channel inhibitors for treating chronic pain Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Developing molecular tools for functional analysis of microRNA-mediated gene silencing Honours, Masters, PhD
Development of a simple, inexpensive therapeutic cancer vaccine Honours, PhD
Development of the coral nervous system and its role in metamorphosis Not open to students.
Diseases of amino acid transport Honours, PhD
Disentangling climate and evolutionary controls over the temperature-dependence of leaf respiration Not open to students.
Distinguishing among patterns of extinction and speciation through geological and climatic change Not open to students.
Distribution of novel Escherichia species Honours
Diversity of Escherichia coli along the intestinal tract Honours, Masters
Drug resistance in the human malaria parasite Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Duetting and female song in Australian passerines Masters, PhD
Dynamic architecture of plant thylakoid membranes between light and dark Not open to students.
E. coli within and among host dynamics in poultry Honours, PhD
Ecological processes in evolutionary radiations Honours, PhD
Ecological, social and food-security dimensions of Timor-Leste fisheries Not open to students.
Ecology of the Silky Hairstreak butterfly and its attendant ant, a potential indicator of old growth forest Honours
Ecology, genetics and physiology of animal-plant interactions Not open to students.
Ecophysiology of salinity and temperature tolerance in a changing world Honours, PhD
Effect of endocrine disruptors on reproduction in daphniids Not open to students.
Effector delivery by fungal rust pathogens Bachelor, PhD, Honours