The evolution and functional sigificance of leaf shape

A long running interest in our lab group is why leaf shapes vary and how do diverse leaf shapes evolve?

We are all aware of the remarkable diversity of shapes that leaves can display. Variation ranges from developmental sequences within a shoot, to within crown response to microenvironment, from variation among species within and between communities, to variation through evolutionary lineages. Leaves, as the site of photosynthesis, are critical to plant growth and survival. As such, it is generally assumed that variation in a prominent trait like leaf shape would be functional. To this end, several theories, not mutually exclusive, have been proposed to explain leaf shape diversity. These include: thermoregulation of leaves especially in arid and hot environments, hydraulic constraints, patterns of leaf expansion in deciduous species, structural constraints, adaptations to avoid herbivory, adaptations to optimize light interception and, given that leaves are hypothesized to be developmental homologs of floral organs, selection on flower form. The relative importance of each of these factors is unclear. Research in my lab examines the functional significance of leaf shape and the evolution thereof, particularly in the genus Pelargonium.

For more on this topic see these papers from lab members:

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