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Why are biodiversity hotspots found where they are?

This project aims to develop a method to study how evolution within species shapes the broad-scale distribution of unique biological diversity across landscapes and continents. The distribution of biological diversity is strikingly uneven, with much diversity found only in small ‘hotspots’. What factors determine the locations of these hotspots of endemism?

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Project Group Student intake
Effects of climate change on Australian bird species Honours, PhD
Effects of climate change on avian morphology Honours, PhD
Electron transport and ATP synthesis in chloroplasts Honours
Energy use and the plant canopy - measuring local respiration trends. Bachelor
Enhancing carotenoid levels in cereals by esterification Honours, PhD
Entropy as a novel determinant of photosynthetic structure and function Not open to students.
Entropy, information theory and biodiversity Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
Environmental effects on photosynthesis of species with the C3-C4 intermediate photosynthetic pathway Honours
Environmental physiology of locusts Honours, PhD
Environmental risk assessment of genetically modified Alfalfa mosaic virus resistant white clover (Trifolium repens L.) Not open to students.
Epigenetic integration of genomic and environmental information in honey bees Honours, Bachelor, PhD
Epigenetics of brain plasticity Honours, Bachelor, PhD
Erythrocyte membrane modifications during malaria infection Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Escherichia albertii: an avian and human pathogen Not open to students.
Evolution at extremes: Macroevolutionary responses to harsh environments Honours, PhD
Evolution of Australia's globally unique biodiversity hotspot PhD
Evolution of salt tolerance in plants Not open to students.
Evolution of scald and net form of net blotch Honours, PhD
Evolution of Shigella Honours, PhD
Evolution of the Australian Onychophora Honours, PhD
Evolutionary biology of Australian reptiles and amphibians Honours, Masters, PhD
Evolutionary causes and ecological consequences of ageing in superb fairy-wrens (current PhD) Not open to students.
Evolutionary significance of early developmental environments: Interaction between maternal effects and offspring thermal environment on phenotypic development and fitness PhD
Evolvability Not open to students.
Evolving with sexually transmitted infections Honours, PhD