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Comparison of Escherichia coli in birds and humans

Escherichia coli is normally thought of as a commensal of the lower gastro-intestinal tract of mammals and is typically much less common in birds. There are many differences between strains of E. coli taken from non-human mammals and strains recovered from humans. However, there appears to be more sharing of traits between E.

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Dissecting Rubisco catalysis in C3 and C4 plants Not open to students.
Environmental drivers of growth and mortality in larval fishes Not open to students.
How do effector proteins from necrotrophic fungi cause disease in plants Not open to students.
Improving nitrogen use efficiency in cereals Not open to students.
Leaf respiration under drought Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Novel small molecule regulators of animal development Not open to students.
Out of the darkness: predicting rates of respiration of illuminated leaves along nutrient gradients Not open to students.
Scrutinizing the influence of temperature on Rubisco catalysis Not open to students.
Sexual selection and the evolution of sex roles Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
Sexual selection in the field cricket Teleogryllus commodus Not open to students.
The Compound Eyes of Fiddler Crabs: A Tutorial Not open to students.