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Sexual selection and colour signals

Elaborate colour displays are often used in sexual selection to attract mates or repel males. We are interested in the function and significance of colour displays in a range of systems, including birds and lizards. One current project is on the crimson finch (locally known as the ‘red devil’), which is a highly aggressive yet highly colonial breeding finch.

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Project Group Student intake
Using macroinvertebrates to determine water quality in the Mulloon Creek catchment Honours, Masters
Visual tools for underwater observation of aquatic species Honours, Masters
Vitamin utilisation by malaria parasites Honours, Bachelor, PhD
Vocal mimicry and display PhD
What are novel mechanisms for regulating transcription, RNA turnover and protein translation Honours, PhD
Wheat immunity and applied synthetic biology Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Why are biodiversity hotspots found where they are? Not open to students.
ARC Future Fellowship - impacts of climate change on plant respiration Not open to students.
Bioinformatics Summer Scholarship projects Not open to students.
Can plants adapt their CO2-fixation capacity in response to climate change? Not open to students.
Dissecting Rubisco catalysis in C3 and C4 plants Not open to students.
Ecology and evolution of coral- and seaweed-associated tropical reef fishes Honours
Environmental drivers of growth and mortality in larval fishes Not open to students.
Improving nitrogen use efficiency in cereals Not open to students.
Leaf respiration under drought Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Novel small molecule regulators of animal development Not open to students.
Out of the darkness: predicting rates of respiration of illuminated leaves along nutrient gradients Not open to students.
Scrutinizing the influence of temperature on Rubisco catalysis Not open to students.
Sexual selection and the evolution of sex roles Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
Sexual selection in the field cricket Teleogryllus commodus Not open to students.
The Compound Eyes of Fiddler Crabs: A Tutorial Not open to students.
Trophic ecology of tropical riverine and coastal sharks Not open to students.