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Novel small molecule regulators of animal development

Identification and characterisation of small plant-bioactive molecules that regulate mammalian development.

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The role of N-terminal post-translational modifications of the tobacco Rubisco large subunit Not open to students.
The role of phospholipid flippases in the immune system Honours, PhD
The role of RNA binding proteins in post-transcriptional gene regulation and plant biology. Honours, Masters, PhD
Thermal acclimation, metabolism and thermal physiology in lizards Honours
To what degree does autotransporter folding inside the bacterial cell resemble autotransporter folding in bulk solution? Honours, Masters, PhD
Transcriptome and genome sequencing of the coral, Acropora millepora Not open to students.
TREASURE (Teaching Research: Evaluating Assessment Strategies for Undergraduate Research Projects) Not open to students.
Tree water use, bushfires, and the implications for urban and rural water supplies Not open to students.
Uncovering the hare microbiome Not open to students.
Understanding chloroplast/nuclear signaling and response pathways which determine photosynthetic capacity Not open to students.
Understanding how drought affects the risk of increased mortality in tropical rain forests Not open to students.
Understanding range limits and plant migration in response to climate change in Neotropical montane forests: moving from observational models to mechanisms Not open to students.
Understanding the cellular and genetic basis of differences in photosynthetic leaf capacity between Arabidopsis and a close mustard relative Hirschfeldia incana Not open to students.
Understanding the molecular basis of fungal rust diseases in plants Bachelor, Honours, PhD
Understanding the role of peptide hormones in determining root architecture Honours, Bachelor, PhD
Unravelling novel Rubisco structures in algae PhD
Use of a tobacco Pathogenesis-related Protein-5 (PR-5) promoter: β glucuronidase (GUS) reporter system to study plant defence activation in response to phytohormones, abiotic stresses and biotic inducers. Honours, Masters, PhD
Using computer vision and machine learning to study honey bee behavior Bachelor, Honours
Using macroinvertebrates to determine water quality in the Mulloon Creek catchment Honours, Masters
Vitamin utilisation by malaria parasites Honours, Bachelor, PhD
Vocal mimicry and display PhD
What are novel mechanisms for regulating transcription, RNA turnover and protein translation Honours, PhD
Wheat immunity and applied synthetic biology Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Why are biodiversity hotspots found where they are? Not open to students.
ARC Future Fellowship - impacts of climate change on plant respiration Not open to students.