Cell biology and metabolism of apicomplexan parasites


Enquiries from prospective students and researchers with an interest in cell biology, biochemistry, parastiology and/or evolution welcome!

Our lab examines the cell biology, biochemistry and cellular evolution of apicomplexan parasites, using Toxoplasma as a model system. To study these parasites, we use modern techniques in molecular biology (e.g. molecular cloning), genetics (e.g. generating genetically modified parasites, including mutants), biochemistry (e.g. measuring intracellular metabolites, examining protein functions) and cell biology (e.g. cellular imaging using fixed and live cells, including time-lapse fluorescence imaging). A typical project will involve identifying proteins-of-interest, determining the localisation of those proteins, generating mutant parasites where these proteins are no longer functional, and then using an array of biochemical and cell biological approaches to see what happens to the parasite when these proteins are no longer functional. See “Research Interests” section for the sorts of projects available, and please contact me to discuss your interests.

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